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01-30-2010, 03:39 PM
While we all understand where you are coming from I think that posts like this are just frustration release for some people. I do not think the DEVs deserve to be treat as such. They have been working hard to bring us this game. While I agree that they need to give us patch notes when they patch you need to realize that they are a little busy trying to get the servers up ATM. I am sure when they are done they will update the patch notes, even if it only says "implemented several server stability fixes". Let us be honest if they told you exactly what they did to fix the problem you wouldn't understand most of it anyway.

With all that being said I am highly impressed with the DEVs, having seen some of open beta, and their ability to code this game. I have been part of several BETAs and several MMOs, it is a huge undertaking. Give the game and the DEVs a FAIR shake by being patient and ACTUALLY give the game a chance.

To those new to the MMO business model - welcome to MMOs.

that is it for my rant/reply - Flame or not to Flame - I care not