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01-30-2010, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by Katiandra
If they fixed the exploit then it doesnt matter where it WAS found as its fixed, duh.

And if they want to be as precise as to say "Changed dimension of Federation UI corner piece #17 from 10/11 pixels to 10X10 pixels' then let them, I'm not so picky as to tell them how to word their patch notes, but if you are then start your own thread, thats off topic here.

They could also say, fixed fed UI to fit better. Or fixed an exploit that some were using in pvp to ________. But like I said if they want to be super detailed about it, more power to them, just as long as there's some kind of patch notes.
Comments like this make you look ten and obnoxious...

Stop posting...

Unless you are a troll, then gj you got us...

Even me becuase I'm posting in this ludicrous thread.

3/10 for capping my already irritating day.