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01-30-2010, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Axterix
Yup, yup. Figured I'd toss in the cooldown, since it can impact choices and the 30s cooldown on it is quite nice. And I figured people would be interested in just how well it scales with skills and some gear, although, obviously, I was primarily focused on things that boosted Polarize Hull

Be useful information for stuff like Jam Sensors as well. I believe having more skills extends the duration, not sure on that. But would be interesting to know what we can get that up to, especially in relation to its cooldown. Against a single big nasty, for example, alternating Jam Sensors might well give someone an aggro free life...
Not entirly sure what you mean by 'skills'

If i am not mistaken, you can use Jam Sens 1, and Scramble Sens I (both on a Lt Sci Boff), cause one uses SA (sens array) and ones uses SP (sens probe) you can get a agro free life, as in a 1v1 battle i am pretty sure Scram Sens will stop stop the hostile from targetting u just like jam sens does,