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01-30-2010, 04:52 PM

First off Pichard was a major deal in what happened. Pichard understood all the tactics of the federation, weapons ect. Also this was the first accurance, other then the episode from Enterprise that the federation met the borg face to face in battle. Borg at the time, and like always are a little abit ahead in technology aspects. But overall I think it came down to Pichard.

As you seen later like in first contact ect, the borg were always stopped. The federation in away adapted to the borg and made technology to fight against them. Which made them very resiliant. But I always woundered the same why dont the borg just take every single borg cube, tactical cube have and assimilate earth ect. But again the borg are fighting countless species, espeically species 8472.

And finally....if they did there would be no show