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01-30-2010, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by buddah7118
Ive never understood this:
Way back when the battle of Wolf 359 happened, that was one cube right? One cube destroyed that whole fleet right at the doorstep to Earth?
There are thousands... THOUSANDS of cubes. Hundreds of thousands of cubes, maybe millions. What the hell is stopping them from opening a transwarp conduit to earth and pouring through a few thousand cubes? Or did they somehow forget where Earth is? Or forget how to build that type of cube?
BIG plot hole Ive never understood
Strategically you dont jump thousands of light years and take over a huge territory with no way to support and reinforce the area once you have control. The one cube that fought at Wolf 359 was the same cube that the enterprise D encountered thanks to Q. When Q returned the enterprise D to its own space the Borg witnessed a power vastly superior to their own. They followed but found nothing but technologicaly inferior humans. Therefore no more cubes were sent (for now).