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01-30-2010, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Avondra
I am having trouble with the emotes. Is there a command signal in chat i can use? When i use the clicky to the bottom right it takes to long and by the time i get it clicked and the pop up disappeared im finished with my emote and i miss it. Please anyone. Sometimes something can be right in front of me and I'll miss it.
If you type in "/em (emotename)" without the quotation marks or parentheses you will fire off the specified emote. If you only know part of the emote name, you can start typing it in and there should be a list of autocomplete options that you can select.

For example: /em sit should throw up a bunch of sitting options like "sit_chair, sit_captain, sit_bridge" that you can select with your mouse or arrow keys.