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01-30-2010, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Gyr View Post
I'm glad its down at the moment, it means I don't have to play with ******* like you. CHILD!
Is that all you have to offer? A one-liner? Nothing constructive? Poor boy.
So why wasting your time with me at all? You are just one of those kids that play the big man within the anonymity of the Internet. I doubt you act like that in your real environment, otherwise you would spend more time in hosptial than at home.

Maybe its time some people here to dismount of their high horse and look beyond their own nose.
The downtimes always hit the main playing times of most europeans. While you have still hours left of the day, its night here. When the servers come back, you can still play while we sleep.

Want to know more funny stuff? While you pay 12 -13 $, they expect from us to pay 12-13 Euro, what equals 16-18 $!
So we pay more for less playtime.
But hey, if thats what you all (some arrogant US kiddies here and the publisher) want, try to survive with a national MMO, just for the US. I doubt that the rest of the world will accept this for a long time.