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01-30-2010, 03:56 PM
huh? that made no sense... since you play the game wtih the racket and its part of the game... switching between weapons to break the cool down is an exploit. its more like this you got the tennis racket... you hit the ball another one is coming the racket is in motion in the other direction but in your other you have a baseball bat and decide to bring it up and hit it. Same as with this 'feature" you are using it to break the cool down whats the point of the cool down if you can go around it. Sorry that you like to cheat I dont. Main reason big nerfs happen.
Its not point in breaking cooldown its in using different attack!

wtf? why couldnt someone carry phazor pistol and rifle and switch around them in combat!?
Go play Counter Strike, they can switch from AK-47 to Pistol if they ran out of bullets ... gogo report that to Valve as exploit ...

And i got non-expirable infraction because of this idjot yeye hurry go report this too ... frikin nubtard