Thread: A login queue?
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01-30-2010, 03:58 PM
A log in queue? Seriously? Im 751st in the queue and look forward to playing the "Head Start" sometime next month. Come on. This is seriously bad. I have ridden thru many MMO launches but this one has the most frustrating feeling. If this persists I will definitely be cancelling my order. Shame on Atari/Cryptic. This license deserves a higher quality approach. For the vast dollars involved things like 'enough servers' is so basic to the situation that one cannot expect any other aspect of this release to deliver on its promises.
We all understand the difficulties in launching an MMO but none of this is new to Cryptic or to us gamers. At some point someone is going to figure out that MMO's die when they fail to meet the reasonable expectations of their customers. Being able to log in is a reasonable expectation. MMO's should not ask for money for an unfinished and untested product. Start ups this rough are expected from Free to play games but when I lay out over 60 bucks I expect to at least be able to log in.
Customers are forgiving but frustration destroys the experience.
Cryptic needs to communicate better to us what is going on with the game.
We all just spent three and a half hours waiting for the servers to come up with no idea when they might come up. Thats just plain rude.
Openning the server to only a limited number of folks and creating a log in queue is beyond rude ...its a game killer.