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01-30-2010, 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by buddah7118
lol no show
however... Picard's distinction and... was added to their own, but they did a memory wipe when he was removed? lol
Well, when worf and data not sure if anyone else beamed over in best of both worlds episode...been awile since i seen it lol. But They basically did a commando manouver and took "Locutus/Pichard" from the borg and then took him back to the ship. The connection between pichard and the borg was "terminated" in aspects but I always pondered because he always seems to have some sort of connection with the borg, in some mysertious way lol. He new what the borg wanted ect, understood everything after his experience with the borg, also their vulnerabilities like in the scene from First Contact, where if you see Pichard takes command of the fleet and orders all ships to fire on certain quardants on the ship and within seconds BOOM cube no more. So as fo a memory wipe, there was never a "wipe" just a disconection from the collective mind of the borg. Borg contained all of pichards older thoughts while Pichard kept what he learned from the borg. But seeing he was disconected they never learned more about weapons ect from the federation and attemps from the borg later resulted in loss.