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01-30-2010, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by GhostMatter View Post
I haven't unlocked the Klingons yet and I'm wondering if the Liberated Borg gets the Klingon race bonuses or just the Borg ones.

Thanks in advance!
I just checked. It's just the Borg ones.

Required traits:

+5 to Starship Shield Efficiency, Starship Engine Efficiency, Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency, Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency

Borg Nanites
99,999 sec (yes, that's what it says)
+0.1 Health Regeneration
+10% Shield Regeneration strength (but only affects certain things)

Then you can pick 2 other traits. One of the other traits that is Borg only that you could pick would be:

Borg Neural Blast
6.1 m range
0.27 sec activate
1 min recharge
-75% run speed for 30 secs
Grants Neural Blast for 30 secs

40% chance +2 hold for 3 secs
applies Hold resist upon expiration.