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01-30-2010, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by Kriss View Post
Well, guess what, they don't have many servers. they have a single shard with many instances. So not doing what we beta testers had told them they need to do IE split the game onto different shards, they didn't. NOW you are stuck with ass long ques to get in....and you can only imagine what this game will be like when the REST of the world gets its hands on it in a few days.

It will be a failure of epic proportions. They had their warnings from all the testers. They chose to ignore them. Now they will get their just deserts.
Even if their are problems to do with the game, can we get these forums closed so that any comments are from
actual players and not open to anyones comments that obviously had/has no interest in the game.

I just logged in without any sort of queue, it might just be a very quick type of queue to avoid server overload.

How long exactly is you wait ?