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Originally Posted by earthangelghost View Post
There is also the fact that the Borg seem to cause everyone they meet seem to want to fight them, and even with the numbers they have it would be hard to take out Earth and keep it without loosing other points.

Bare in mind Species 8472/Undine, who seem to wipe out a cube with one small ship. Do we actually know how long they have been a threat?
exactly and well said. The borg may have millions of ships but they in some ways calculate on a certain level. If the borg did make some sort of huge scale attack in the alpha would most likely lead to a few factional alliances between the feds,roms,klingons ect and all would combine to fight for the "greater good" and the borgs attack would lead in falure leaving them open to other assaults from countless species they have aggrevated lol.