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01-30-2010, 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by chronokeeper View Post
This post was not to be a flame or troll post.

Atfer playing World Of ******** since launch, this forum amazes me at the amount of QQ going on here.
Sure this game is plagued with launch problems, but 90% of most mmos are.

WoW Wasn't even playable on day 1 due to server crashes every 5 minutes, and they weren't able to fix it for quite some time either but still ended up being one of the biggest mmos on the market.

When I do get a chance to play this game, I will gladly sit thru the ques and try to have a good time once I am in, if the server keeps going down then Ill play Xbox for a day or two and see how things are then.

Patience is a virtue, and theres no need to get this bent out of shape because the game has ques.

Relax people, and things will sort themselves out.
QQ somewhere else plz