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01-30-2010, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by Cygone View Post
Not entirly sure what you mean by 'skills'

If i am not mistaken, you can use Jam Sens 1, and Scramble Sens I (both on a Lt Sci Boff), cause one uses SA (sens array) and ones uses SP (sens probe) you can get a agro free life, as in a 1v1 battle i am pretty sure Scram Sens will stop stop the hostile from targetting u just like jam sens does,
Yes they are on seperate cooldowns, both are 1m reuse with maxed pts put into it, and +skills does increase the duration significantly. My Sci ship had Jam 1 from 9 up to 18 seconds, and 2 from 14 up to 23 seconds duration