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01-30-2010, 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroNavigator
They don't have much experience with all this. Champions Online was their first MMO and it looks like they have a different team that works on STO. This team probably has very little experience with MMOs. STO is a good game. I hope Cryptic will be able to balance everything so people can calm down. But this game does feel very much rushed. To be honest I haven't seen the worst Beta (didn't play WoW that much to see their problems). And to be honest I was expecting that all the problems will be fixed for a head start, but head start to be honest feels like Beta. STO won't be a game of the year - no doubt about that .

I still wish you all the best Cryptic. I hope you figure out your problems soon to provide us with smooth gameplay. And yes, I know, that every guy in Cryptic are doing their best to make it happen, but somehow its not happening just yet... to be honest .
They also made City of Heroes/Villains btw-