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01-30-2010, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Sleigher103 View Post
So I have to download the patch, and I was patching with steam and its at 45%. Then I wondered if I patched with steam and launched the game with the Cryptic launcher, would the Cryptic one have to patch too. I ask because my Steam patch is at 45% while if I try with Cryptic launcher it has to start from the beginning. So If I try to patch with steam and then launch with the Cryptic one, will it work?
45%? Of what? Don't tell me you're one of the ones that got stuck re-downloading the entire 10gig client?

EDIT: Now that I've re-read your post, yes, letting Steam patch finish patching it should work. If you're one of the people affected by the problem that had you stuck re-downloading the client due to Steam stuffing up, you could let it finish then launch it from the Cryptic launcher, I assume.

I'm only going by what I've read in your post though, need more information to confirm my theory.

I'm guessing the program that was posted would recover the old files from System Restore, but no point if you have it disabled or using a version of Windows without it, I'd wager.