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01-30-2010, 04:50 PM
Some good points here, I'm yet to find a comprehensive list of what stat does what etc. I mean, what does astrometrics do on a science console? Tell you how to find Memory Alpha perhaps? Like a Sat Nav? Ah well, that's my issue...

This one however has a vicious circle tied to it. You can only have 1 skill, but you can't spend points for fear of losing them if a newer skill becomes available. No worries... BO points are infinate you say, but you will inevitably do this on each and every BO and possibly on each and every rank.

Now if for instance the BO carries on using the skill at random times during combat, that would make sense. If we can only call on the current skill "on demand" while the BO does this, that would make sense. But to lose it all / have to swap back to the said skill.. well that's illogical captain.

I can just see it now.....

Captain: Security team to deck 2!!

Tactical: What?

Captain: You heard me! Security team to deck 2!!!!!

Tactical: I'm sorry sir, it's not in my job description... All I do is hit this button here to make every third torpedo make a bigger boom.

Captain: What the ****? All you need do is call them on the intercom!!!!

Tactical: Sorry sir... Union rules. But if it is any consolation, I am learning how to press the phaser button really fast next week.


I mean honestly... just make us pay the BO that does the training to make the new skill the same level and we would all be happy. 100 creds per level would do justice.