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Deck1: his office

it was morning, and business as usual for Admiral Secha. brushing of the bagel crumbs form his desk he picked up the next data padd on the seeming ever increasing stack of work.

behind him was a chime as someone called in to his office, turning around to view the screen he noted that it was form Mitsuko, his ships avatar. Now most people would ponder at why his ship had a avatar, he himself often did, but as the time went by he gradually got use to her and even came to think of her as one of his crew, not just a hologram.

Mitsuko: sir i have today’s report ready for your viewing

Butters: brushing a lock of blond-white hair form his eyes. "Yes, go ahead'

Mitsuko:"form the time you logged off at 1457 hours to now at 0900 hours there was a total of 4 supply transports reroute to Romulian space 2 personal transports and Senator Malike left after his inspection of the stations defenses, security arrested 2 individuals for disorderly conduct after a brawl on Deck 7, they will be fined and released at 1000 hours. and last night at 0238 hours we received a transmission that a repersentive form the traders union will be passing through and wishing to speak with you.

Butters:*he lets out a grone*" what dose the union want now."

Mitsuko: "form his call it was unclear but i have ascertained with a 93% probability that it is the request more federation escorts within and outside of federation space"

Butters:great what time is he getting here?

Mitsuko: long-range sensors have picked up his shuttlecraft ETA 20 minuets.

Butters: thank you Mitsuko

the screen went blank, looking at the stank of padds on the desk and with a sigh Ray got up and left out the door to report the meeting to Draco before he arrived.