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Hello and welcome to Starbase 157, under the administration of Red Squadron. a little about us, we are a fleet here on the forums and love to RP. You are now at the command center for the rebuilding of Romulian space, as the events of the Hobus super nova still effect this area of space we are doing our best to keep the peace and aid and explore the nearby systems. With the pressure of the ongoing war effort our resources are often taxed to the limit keeping this area of space secure, while not in the area of the main battle we are still close enough that diligence is needed. I am Admiral Raymund Secha, Butters to my friends and I am currently over seeing the Starbase itself as its chief administrator for the time being (and DM).

one quick note for clarity at the start of each post you must do this



Crimson Cafe`

the only resin I need a name is that you may use as may alts and characters as you can handle. Myself use 8 me and my 7 BO's this is your run of the mill RP where you may come and go but the station will always be there is no over arching plot to fallow other than that of the game STO play around, explore the rule that you must state your location at all times is so that any one who wants to my live out the stories they wish and socialize

no that introductions are out of the way allow me to take you on a tour of Starbase 157

Deck 1: administration Offices: includes RS Admiralty and staff
a tower at the top of the starbase servers as the administration offices for the Red Squadron Fleet leaders.
Includes the Fleet Admiral Quin Draco, Admiral Ray Secha and Admiral Vorcain

Deck 2: Security offices, Brig, and Jr Officers Offices
this is where most of the work gets done, the main offices is tasked with managing the station and tracking the large amount of people coming and going as it stands on the boarder of the Former Romulin Star Empire it also is the hub in overseeing the refugees that pass through seeking shelter in the boarders of the federation

Decks 3-5 quarters and reqrooms for enlisted men
mostly crew quarters but also has the main mess hall on deck 4 and fitness center on deck 5

Deck 6 Sickbay and Labs
with one of the most advanced Research Facilities outside of memory alpha this is the federations staging center for exploration into Romulan space which until the events of the Hobas Supper Nova, as the infighting has calmed down and the Klingon threat contained, for the most part, Starfleet as authorized exploration teams the be allowed to enter and conduct research

Deck 7 The Terminal. docking pylons 1-50, Cargo bay
a large ring the divides the upper half of the station form the lower half it is the primary docking for large cruisers and Transports that come and go the floor is divided up into 6wedge shaped sections that include accommodations for layovers and servers as the stations Hotel. Is the nerve center of the station including a tram system that runs around the perimeter of the station

Deck 8, 9 the promenade
includes all manner of shops and restraunts including the Crimson Cafe`, it is divided into two rings and is accessible by the tramline on deck 7 the outer wall is transparent giving a splendid vista of the nearby stellar nebula that is visible as the station rotates once every standard day. a lawn park runs along that outer area including trees and ponds. at the very center is main Engineering and most of the support systems, restricted access of course

Deck 10 civilian and small craft docking bays. civilian housing
for the non enlisted members of Starbase 157 including the school, also is where the quartermaster is stationed.

Deck 11-15 shield generator, weapon platforms and on deck 15 a long range array for keeping cloaked ships at a arms length, unmanned for the most part save for the Engineering teams that keep the station running

there it is. Starbase Crimson, come and go as you please and remember keep it in one piece, keep civil, and above all have fun.

Butters (DM)