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# 1 Xbox 360 Controller Keybinds
01-30-2010, 06:14 PM
An update of the keybind threads from Open Beta (original sources used are here and here)
Thanks to all the original posters!

The available buttons on the Xbox Controller are:

Joy1 = Start
Joy2 = Back
Joy3 / Lstick = Left thumb depress
Joy4 / Rstick = Right thumb depress
Joy5 / LB = Left Bumper
Joy6 / RB = Right Bumper
Joy7 / Ltrigger = Left Trigger
Joy8 / Rtrigger = Right Trigger
Joy9 / Ab = A Button
Joy10 / Bb = B Button
Joy11 / Xb = X Button
Joy12 / Yb = Y Button

Combinations of buttons are possible, and just require a + sign with no spaces
e.g. Joy7+Xb, Joypad_right+Yb.
* Not sure about 3-button combos.

To see what command you need to bind a specific power, if you go to the Options > Key Binds menu and hover your mouse over a command it will bring up a box indicating the command line you need to enter.
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The basic binding command is /bind <command> <condition> which is typed into your chat window.

Camera Controls:

There are several options here, but the two I find myself trying are
Free Camera (left stick controls movement, right stick controls camera), or
Follow Target + Tab Selects Offscreen Targets (left stick controls ship, right stick freed up for my shields. Camera automatically pans to face the selected target, so can make maneuvering a bit tricky at times)
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Tray Bindings:
Tray 1 = 1 to -
Tray 2 = Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+-
Tray 3 = Alt+1 to Alt+-

Tray 1 = +TrayExecByTray 0 <button>
Tray 2 = +TrayExecByTray 1 <button>
Tray 3 = +TrayExecByTray 2 <button>

BO powers don't seem to be bound to a keypress by default in Live, so you have to add them to an actionbar and then map that button to a keypress. (Press P to bring up the powers list, and drag the icon into an empty button slot).

My bindings for Space are:
/bind Yb throttleadjust .25 (increase throttle)
/bind Ab throttleadjust -.25 (decrease throttle/ reverse)
NOTE: you can change the throttle number for finer control. So .20 or even .10 would be possible.

/bind Bb GenSendMessage Throttle_FullImpulse_Button FullThrottle (full impulse)
/bind Xb GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireAll (fire all weapons)

/bind Joy8+Xb genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_0 (power preset Attack)
/bind Joy8+Yb genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_1 (power preset Defense)
/bind Joy8+Bb genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_2 (power preset Speed)
/bind Joy8+Ab genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_3 (power preset Aux.)

/bind Rstick_up +Power_Exec Reroute_Shields_Forward
/bind Rstick_down +Power_Exec Reroute_Shields_Rear
/bind Rstick_left +Power_Exec Reroute_Shields_Left
/bind Rstick_right +Power_Exec Reroute_Shields_Right

/bind Joy7+Xb +TrayExecByTray 2 0(BO power 1)
/bind Joy7+Yb +TrayExecByTray 2 1 (BO power 2)
/bind Joy7+Bb +TrayExecByTray 2 2 (BO power 3)
/bind Joy7+Ab +TrayExecByTray 2 3 (BO power 4)

/bind Joypad_up InteractWindow (interact button)

Ground commands are very similar, but there aren't as many options
Commands you may find useful to add are
/bind <key> ++run (one click toggles a full run cycle)
/bind <key> ++aim (click toggles aim mode on and off)
/bind <key> GenSendMessage Inventory_Root SwitchActiveWeapon (swaps weapons)
/bind <key> +roll (tapping Lstick twice will roll you in the appropriate direction, but I like to keep a second single button ready just incase )

Saving your Keybind settings:
When you have the bindings the way you like them, make sure to save the config.
Use /bind_save_file <filename> and /bind_load_file <filename> to save having to type them in for every character
NOTE: you need 2 seperate keybind lists. One for Ground, one Space. All /bind commands are local to that one list, so my /bind Joypad_up InteractWindow has to be in both.

As always, these are only examples. They are meant to demonstrate the flexibility you can use to get things set up the way you want