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01-30-2010, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by Asanlandriel View Post
I did and Steam also took my 60 for the game
That's why I'm waiting to purchase lifetime till after the first couple of weeks, since they did state that you can wait as long as you pre-ordered it to do so until after the first month. It's a cryptic game, maybe if you did your research you would have noticed that every Cryptic MMO that has released has had the first month be just like this.

Oh, and pre-ordering through steam and they charged you already? That sucks. Why I always go through a reliable company... Where as steam won't even give me my account back or refund me the $200 that was charged to my account when it was hacked and games downloaded that I never got.

Your loss.

/edit = I have purchased the Collectors, but have not been charged yet mind you. And the lifetime purchase even if the game starts out slow to recovery, I will still be giving cryptic the $ for lifetime since people will eventually leave for there WoW or other MMO's.

Can't wait for casuals and WoW addicts to leave.