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Good afternoon officers,

I greet you as a leader of one of the newer fleets (not that all fleets in this new game, aren't new) that is curently looking for an active set of members who meet specific and certain criteria. First and foremost let me explain what our fleet is and how we intend to play in game.

I have alot of pvp experience playing high rank guild wars and a few other mmo and non mmo rpg's (RTS's mostly) and several of our members are also high caliber pvp players. That being said you can imagine that we'd be focused only on pvp, but you'd be wrong. We focus on both pvp and pve, currently we're working together to raise our grade/tier, planning for a pvp weekend (either private matches in the fleet or public matches if we can find a spot for all of us) and also sharing new weapons we find with each other.

Greed is not our number one issue, we do have a fleet bank that we will give most members access to after a couple of days of proof that they intend to stick around. We also have a ventrilo server for voice chat which is not essential but it is preferred, even if you don't have a mic you can at least listen in.

What we're looking for is the following

Mature Members: Honestly I'm 26, none of our members are below 18, please don't come in here talking about how you kissed a girl yesterday.
Ventrilo: this is not necessary but insanely preferred
MMO Experience: not necessary as we're willing to help you learn but it's definitely helpful.
Vigilance: We intend to stay around for a long time, so please don't join for two days and then leave.

Short of that just be around, have fun and enjoy the community, I prefer smaller to medium sized fleets, where we all know each other, not just some random guy in the fleet going 'can anyone give me monies?' so if that sounds like the type of place you'd like to be, post here and/or contact me in game and we can get you setup. Thanks for your time in reading this.