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01-30-2010, 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by KRoa_TJal
I'm sorry but I have to agree that patch notes are a must. I don't like surprises (like the removal of the change instance) and having to hunt around to figure out where things are or why they don't work like they did the last time I logged in.

If that's going to be the norm, I'm not going to play the game. It's annoying to me and it's my money. Cryptic is not 'entitled' to my money I'm allowed to have expectations of a game that I pay for. This ain't beta anymore. We're on paid time now.
Actually Paid Time starts Feb. 2, 2010.. You are in a head start as a thank you from Cryptic to the people who pre-ordered the game. Cryptic could close the servers up today and not re-open them until Feb.2, 2010 and have fufilled all their obligations for Pre-Order and EULA and TOS.

You are still on their grace time.. Paid Time begins Feb. 2, 2010.