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# 1 Extra Shuttlecraft
01-30-2010, 06:48 PM
[[Starfleet Communication]]
Starfleet Requisition Oversight

Attn: All Commanding Officers,
Regarding Sol Station fleet construction during the current conflict, Star Fleet Supply Services has discovered a requisitions error that has caused major oversights. Among these is the launch of several vessels without the proper equipment, namely the Type-8 Auxiliary Space Vessel, or Personal Shuttlecraft.

While the Type-9, or Class-2, Personal Shuttlecraft will soon be made available, it is a requirement of Starfleet General Orders, pursuant to General Order 579 subsection 18: "All vessels assigned to service during war efforts are required to be issued no less than one (1) standard auxiliary space vessel to be utilized for short term missions and field operations." Therefore, until the Class 2s are made readily available, Commanding Officers are required to ensure that they are not in delinquency of this general order, and must possess at least one (1) Type-8 Personal Shuttlecraft.

In light of this, the Quartermaster of Fleet Operations for Section 4 currently has one (1) extra Type-8 Personal Shuttlecraft which he will issue before this evening (stardate 86690.3). Please submit your application to him before that time. Do remember that the Quartermaster will be limited so he may need a convincing reason why you require it before your fellow Commanding Officers. Also, vessels currently out of range of standard issuing bodies will be considered primary concern.

For system specifications and schematics please refer to documentation, accessible through standard Library Computer Access/Retrieval System database:
Type-8 Auxiliary Space Vessel
Maximum Crew: 6
Minimum Crew: 2
Length: 6 meters
Height: 2.7 meters
Beam 4.4 meters
Weight: 3.38 metric tons
Standard Warp: 1.2 for 48 hours (2 sustainable for 36 hours)
Armaments: Type IV Shuttle Phaser Emitters
Defenses: Type II Shuttle Deflector Shields

Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet.
[[Starfleet Out]]

Note: OOC responses will not be considered. Any others who want to offer extra shuttlecraft may feel free to post here too and give away to whatever response you like.