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01-30-2010, 07:00 PM
the movies are IMO the best trillogy ever filmed, the amount of hype im suffering while waiting for The Hobbit is insubmountable.

but i find the films so easy to slip into their world and to become entranced in the plot, i went to New Zealand 2 years ago and went on a guided tour of the locations they shot at, including the parking lot....
i found it hard to focus on the reality of where i was i kept imagining myself to be looking at what was in the films it was truely amazing and id recomend anyone whos a fan of LotR to go on the same trip as me, it was worth ever penny

my favourite piece of music is from the first film, its called Journey in the Dark (Howard Shore) and plays as they walk into the massive hall in moria, its shortly followed by one of my favourite scenes with one of my favourite villians The Balrog!!!!!

edit: someone mentioned that The Hobbit would be a long film, I recently read it will be 2 films not just 1 so they can have a better quality of story line and (make more money)