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I am a veteran gamer migrating from several MMOs where I have been thoroughly burned out of hard core raiding. I am looking for an active, helpful, knowledgeable group to join up with and share findings with.

I am serious about my gaming and improving my character, learning the game, and gearing up but want to enjoy a more realistic pace then ive previous endured =P

I am currently logged into the game and probably will be for the next couple of hours, please feel free to send me a tell at Khalia@Wfury. I would prefer a group who is primarily active over vent, as I do not like to type when I am trying to kill =P

I played all of open beta and am probably going to be dedicating 30-40 hours per week to the game in between mass effect 2 and FFXIII when it comes out among the other games that I play.

I am 23 years old, usually quiet and mild mannered and hate drama. Im just looking for a mature group of players to have a good time with and possibly some *gasp* intelligent conversation with despite being in an MMO =P I come from several years of EQ1 and EQ2, I dabbled in Tabula Rasa, ****, Eve and a few other Korean grind MMOs.

Thanks for any inquiries and happy hunting.