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01-30-2010, 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by rexy21 View Post
Maybe I am totally clueless, and that is very possible, but i pre ordered the game on November 29, 2009 from GameStop. I will not actually get the game until Feb 2, 2010. I wanted to purchase the lifetime subscription but I will not get my activation key until the 2nd, and the lifetime subscription offer ends on Feb 1st. How does that seem fair? Did I miss something?
If you preordered, you got a preorder key in your account here at cryptic. When you buy the lifetime sub, you need to have a retailer preorder key already attached to your account. Your account then has Lifetime Subscription enabled in it, but it still requires a game key (retail key). There's a couple day grace period after the 2nd that will allow people to get their keys and get them entered. I'd imagine after the first week, if you don't have a retail key in your account, you will not have access, lifetime sub or not.