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01-30-2010, 08:12 PM
Originally Posted by Syphus View Post
This is a great Fleet Action mission it is a lot of fun, especially if there aren't any lt cmdr ships about (since it becomes fairly straight forward if there are). The problem is that it is a fleet action and a lot of people have no clue and don't read zone chat (probably because they have it turned off from earth starbase multi zone spam.)

The above tips are all very useful. I'd also recomend changing your power levels to 100% engines 50% weapons as soon as it's deathray goes inactive (about 50% health). Kite the large shards and hit evasive manouvers if they get too close.

Plus Torps Torps Torps Torps.

People who fly straight at the entity or drop crap ton's of mines around the entity you are basically feeding him health.
Ahh yes forgot to mention keep your engines powered 100+