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Seriously, can we just all agreed to stop submitting ideas and only ask one thing out of the Devs.... server stability.

Every time someone opens up their mouth with a great idea, the devs starts listening and starts implementing. But during that time, the more important issues gets sidestep and never takes care of.

Now, if everyone could stop arguing on what ideas are the best, we could actually have a playable game during prime time.

Yeah, yeah, it's ranting. But, at least I care enough to tell off all those baby players to stop crying and settle down.

Server stability is the prime focus, anything else shouldn't even be suggested or considered. The quicker that gets done, the more stable the game will be, and the quicker we can play through the game to either find bugs, access end game content, find solutions or come up with new ideas.

My 2 dilithium.

P.S.: I want this game to be as good as it has a chance to be, but it's not going to happen if everyone is pushing for more content when the servers are already this unstable.