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# 1 I'm Whining.......
01-30-2010, 08:10 PM
about everything. This game is the worst thing I have ever played. It makes my butt hurt, gives me carpel tunnel and causes me to euphorically hum the Trek theme. My fingers are numb from mousing constantly and clicking on everything I can. I am hoping that Cryptic puts a bonus tube of Preperation H in the box cause I'm going to need it for my roids! Darn you Cryptic: Why'd you have to go and make me pay for that lifetime sub? Broke my arm twisting it so hard!! I could have used that money towards my monkey farm in Guatemala. AND on top of that, I'm going to go blind frm staring at the screen all day from now on. This game is going to Kill Me!!!!!:p

Seriously, C'mon folks, this game is always going to be a work in progress; just like ALL MMO's. It never fails to amaze me how anyone could expect anything more. New code ALWAYS breaks something, No matter what gets fixed in the patch, that specific patch will break something else. It's the rule to the Exception. When you have an open ended game which evolves it happens. Give Cryptic their Due, Atari pushed them to get this out as fast as possible, and they have done an admirable job to have taken the mess perpetual left and made it this far with it. Give 'em time. It'll all work out.