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01-30-2010, 09:54 PM
There is no bug...

While the icon is flashing it means it's "capturing" you need to wait till your Icon (fed or klingon) turns a solid color... then you can fly off... otherwise it reverts back to it's old state.

The icon also flashes if someone else is tryign to capture it (klingon to fed or vice versa) so you know you have to fly there and stop the enemy ship...

REsource points will not go down TILL you have at least 3 icons CAPTURED on your side... it means CAPTURED... not "capturing"... alot of people complain that it's not working for klingon side it's because the icons are still "capturing" and NOT "captured"...

You generally need to wait 20-30 seconds once the icon turn to your faction (klingon or fed) before you can fly away.

The icon also becomes solid quicker if there is more than one ship of the same faction there.