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07-16-2014, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by iconians View Post
And if they did, I'd be fine with that too. I don't mind giving P1 pageclicks as long as those pageclicks end up somewhere I want to be.
My point is, though, that responsibility falls to P1, not Cryptic.

Originally Posted by iconians View Post
The Massively interview articles are usually conducted in text, or transcribed into text.
Yes, but my point is, Cryptic doesn't host the article by republishing it on their website. Transcribing a P1 interview and posting it here would be essentially playing host to P1. Why, then, would they need their own website? Those aren't cheap.

Originally Posted by iconians View Post
Again, from where I'm sitting... asking them to step down has the same exact result as not transcribing at all.

In both scenarios, I'm not receiving any communication.

I'm not saying they should step down. I like the idea of P1, and I respect the work they do. But for those of us with hearing impairments, there is absolutely no difference between them talking and conducting interviews, and not talking at all.
And I get that. But obviously, that's a failing on P1. They aren't marketing to you and that audience.

Originally Posted by iconians View Post
I have, and P1 has been very diplomatic about the situation. But the root of the problem isn't with P1. P1 is a symptom of an even greater problem with communication at PWE/Cryptic.
I meant take Cryptic to task with their own video/audio clips without transcripts. THOSE they have control over, not those of P1.

Originally Posted by iconians View Post
Yes, it is their responsibility. As much as it's their responsibility to provide dev blogs, press releases, and everything else relating to their job of releasing public information.

They put themselves into this position. I wish they didn't. But they did. If this is how they are going to release information, then they don't get to wash their hands of any responsibility when not all of their players can consume that information.
No, their responsibility lies with their own publications and how they choose to get those out to the masses. If they fail to provide a transcript for their YouTube video, that's on them. If they fail to translate their Dev Blogs into another language for wider distribution, that's on them. The responsibility of the dissemination and publication (in all its forms) of information lies with the interviewer/publisher not the interviewee. They cannot tell the third party how to go about their business. Nor can they be held responsible if the third party chooses to report misinformation.

Originally Posted by iconians View Post
If I have my choice of a canned interview, and true journalism where hard questions are asked -- but not everybody can hear the answers (literally), then I'm going to go with the canned interview.

It sucks. But it's the only fair choice.

What's important is it doesn't have to be a one-or-the-other choice.
No, it's not fair at all. That's a false argument.

But the point is, can you be accommodated? Yes, we know you can be.
Is it Cryptic's responsibility to do so where third parties are concerned? No, it is not.
Is it the responsibility of the third party then? Yes, it is.
Is the third party willing and able to accommodate? Well...?