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01-30-2010, 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by Smarter View Post
1. - 7 Ranks may be okay for you, but definitely not a properly organized fleet with a true heiracrhy.

2. - Not possible, if restricted to Fleet Members only.

5. - Absolutely not -- If you've ever tried to get more than 2 people into a Deep Space Encounter during a peak hour it's almost impossible. It is imperative for Fleet's to be able to play together with ease, otherwise it defeats the purpose of a fleet.
1. Thank you for implying that my Fleet is not properly organised or has no true hierarchy.

2. How is it not possible to use a private web site's webmail or forum to communicate en masse between and to members only? There are many guild hosts out there that offer these services for free. (Unless you are saying that spam is not possible in-game if restricted to Fleet members only, in which case, I understand, and still say that this suggestion is not necessary.)

5. If you are trying to enter a Fleet Action with Fleet members, simply form your team ahead of time and then have the leader enter and everyone else follow. Works fine for me. If you are sharing an episode or mission, again, form the team ahead of time, have the leader enter first, and everyone else should have the option to 'Continue' (or will automatically join you upon entering).