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01-30-2010, 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by Prons View Post
I have two things I'm seeking some opinions on:

I'm going to have a Science Ship once i hit T2, should I use all beam weaponry or should I put a torpedo on there?

Also, which is a better tactical officer skill? Beam fire at will or beam overload?
The weapon energy drop-off if you fire more than 2 beams at once is quite drastic. In OB at T2 Science I tried 3 arrays and a rear torp, and when firing my 3 beams continuously, weapon energy would go from 80ish to 15 very quickly. Needless to say, my beam damage was almost nothing at that point.

I've seen folks post that you can time energy weapons fire to mitigate the fall-off, but have not tried it.

Imo the standard configuration for science T2 (a torpedo and a beam array fore and aft) is quite effective. You broadside with the beams and turn forward and away to torpedo and to protect weak shields.

If you don't like that idea put a dual beam and an array forward and and array/torpedo aft. That way you get a dual and an array when facing forward (and the rear array won't fire much, so no big energy loss), you can still broadside with the two single arrays, and can torpedo when you turn away.

Beam: Fire at Will is currently ineffective unless you are using a dual beam, as it only affects one weapon. One of the devs wrote that it will be getting a buff, but currently it is not that good. I've seen comments on Beam Overload also being relatively worthless, but have not tried it.