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01-30-2010, 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
Q) How to become a KDF?
A) We don't know yet. It used to be 1: Get level 6. 2: complete fed mission "stop the signal." We will update as available. We do know that you aren't notified until you do a zone transition after unlocking it.
It still works and you still need a zone transition to trigger it, the easiest way is to turn in the 'stop the signal mission' via hailing Starfleet after completing but before leaving the mission.

You'll get a second notice that you have unlocked Klingon Gameplay when you hit level 6 with your Klingon if you do what I did and bail form the Feds as soon as you unlock the Klingons. Unfortunately you don't unlock a fourth character slot though.

You can do this quite easily, the fast method has already been pointed out. The 'I hate PvE missions' methos is to save the Azura and then do the diplomat mission, once those are complete you can get the 'Secure the Sirius Sector Block' mission, do that twice (so 6 total roaming Klingon fleets) and you'll reach level 4 and be offered the Stop the Signal Mission.