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Then, Iconian, I feel that this issue is less about a transcript being provided and more that an official announcement Dev Blog wasn't made that repeated what was said in the podcast, immediately after said podcast.

Ideally, I think this is what you wanted:
  1. PR: Okay, you're going to have a podcast. Here are things you can talk about because we'll release a Dev Blog on it within 48 hours of the podcast going up.
  2. :: Podcast is done and posted by the podcasters ::
  3. <48 hours later (ideally 24 hours)
  4. Official Dev Blog posted (written a week before the podcast) about the stuff the interviewee was allowed to talk about in the podcast
Correct. It has less to do with transcripts and more to do with how PWE/Cryptic releases public information.

If the dev blog (or whatever form the information takes in a text format) details everything mentioned by a developer interview from third-party media, then yes, my complaints will have been resolved.

What you propose is a solution I would consider viable.
Do you know how logical and helpful that would be?

If Cryptic were to release a blog with keynotes, I think they could use it to address everyone's concerns. Cryptic does not have to transcribe an entire interview.

While I do not need to know about a developer's favorite color, I would like to know about upcoming seasons, upgrades, and expansions.

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