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01-30-2010, 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by HaeKaula View Post
This needs to be fixed quickly. There are many Fleets running around with half-a**** permissions because the current system is broken.

I'd like to re-iterate that they also need to remove item value from the Withdrawal limit. If I want to allow a Rank to remove Rank I gear, they require a minimum of 2500 Fleet Energy credits. I am not giving someone access to 2500 Fleet Credits when as a small fleet we're only just building our reserves.
LOL fixing fleet issues is like fixing guild issues in eq2 or wow.. they have MUCH more important bugs to fix before the move on to adding new features to the game..

I don't doubt they will list and maybe implement something.... but don't hold your breath... will probably take them at LEAST 3-4 weeks