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01-30-2010, 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by MojoRisen
OK I am tired of the no one pays for headstart BS...YES I DID ... The preorder was 5 bucks and it dont come off the price fo the game. And yes i know it says it does..but here is a paste of the checkout cart.

Star Trek Online Deluxe Edition - Digital Download PC
Download $54.99 Remove
Star Trek Online - Preorder PC
Download $5.00 Remove

$59.99 SubTotal
$59.99 Total

the game itself is 54.99 we paid an extra 5 for the preorder.
But that's not what's happening. Or at least that's not what is supposed to be happening according to the details of the purchase agreement. And yes I had the same 'charges' when I ordered the SyFy bundle through Atari. But according to what was posted during the transaction, only the $5.00 will be billed at pre-order download purchase. The invoice you receive shows all 'charges' but in reality $5 was charged and on Tuesday the regular price of the game will be charged minus a $5 credit. (I haven't seen my charge clear the bank yet but I'll be watching to make sure this is done as stated!)

And all of the pre-orders that I've seen include some type of bonus like a Boff or Deflector Shield or something. It also includes the right of anyone who orders to participate in the headstart. But the headstart is most likely being done to help catch more of the bugs that are in initial releases. If you do choose to participate in a pre-launch activity like headstart you have chosen to participate in identifying pre-launch problems.