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01-30-2010, 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by SYLiam View Post
You paid for the game. The headstart was an extra gift, you didn't buy it. Stop acting so entitled.
No, head start was not a "gift." Head Start was advertised as one of the services/featured offered for the product if you purchased a pre-release copy of the game. There was also some confusion, due to poor advertising at retail points of sale, about pre-order bonuses and Head Start.

I paid $59.95 on January 13 at Direct2Drive. Here's what I paid for:

* "Exclusive" TOS Uniforms
* Open Beta Access
* Head Start/Early Start Access
* Multispatial Personal shield
* Joined Trill Race
* Two emotes

Nowhere on D2D did I read anything about not getting my pre-order bonuses at Head Start. The advertising read like I would have access to my bonuses at Head Start.

I purchased the DDE because I wanted all of the things that D2D and Cryptic advertised as being available. So yeah, I paid for Head Start. Yeah, it sucks that I've only been able to play for 6 or 7 hours this weekend, especially when they knew about the server stability/capacity issues early in Open Beta and were supposedly taking steps to fix them.

I do hope that things get better and that this game doesn't turn in to CO or SWG... or worse, another Hellgate.