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01-30-2010, 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by Brasn View Post
Klingons technically are weaker than Feds... and I play a Fed... one vs one a Fed will generally beat a klingon... the reasons:

Fed has more consoles and more BO skills to utilise... Klingons are more limited only to tactical BO skills.

The only thing going for them are their cloaks... and ONLY BoP have battle cloaks. (at least in tier 2 I haven't checked the other tiers).

It's the initial surprise that really screws up a Fed.... after that... everything is about even.

Now with the nerf to MES... things got alot more even handed.... and THANK YOU DEV for changing MES.

And cloaks seem to not work that well, won't call them broken, and forget bout taking a cruiser on solo.