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A lot of people are asking for FPS style game play for ground combat, like that seen in Mass Effect, or probably more accurately that seen in Tabula Rasa or SWG post revamp. The truth is, this would be very easy to implement. We can already set our movement controls up like an FPS and assign mouse buttons to fire off the main weapon skills. To do this you simply have to toggle mouse look with a key.

The only thing we're lacking is the ability to target by aiming. We need an option to target center screen when in mouse look mode, or have the target cursor command automatically target the center of the screen when the cursor is not visible due to being in mouse look mode.

With that single option we could customize our controls to create a pseudo FPS by binding left mouse click to target cursor/center screen, and left mouse press to activate power 1, and likewise with middle mouse click/press for activate power 2. Although it would still be necessary to activate some powers with the keyboard, the main firing functions could be on the mouse buttons.

Some people are probably going to respond by saying, "Go play an FPS." Please don't. The point of my post is not to change the game, but rather point out how close we are to being able to simulate an FPS with the current control customization. All we need is a small addition and then everyone can be happy.