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First of all, I froze 5 times already had to reboot system and instead of playing I am writing this BECAUSE CRYPTIC's inability to fullfill a long Star Trek fan's dream of crating a stable yet fun game. I played thru the BETA so you could Iron out the many problems/bugs a mmo game would typically have but not having enough servers to test your own software after knowing exactly how many beta codes you actually distributed is unforgivable.
Second, when I join the lag is noticeable and trust me it is not my machine - (a Core2 Quad9650, two GeForceGTX 275 in SLI mode, 12 meg ram raptor series, a SSD hard drive and cable connection at 15mbps)
This game still is a work is progress. What is going to happen when more trekkies come on board on the 2nd
More excuses about how your company did not realize how popular this franchise is and that it is overwhelming and more servers are on the way? COME ON CRYPTIC!!! ST is if not the number one SCI FI franchise in the world and we deserve better. Believe me I would rather be playing right now that writing this but the fact remains that I am here because your game keeps freezing and or kicking me out (yes, I updated all the latest drivers) For better or worse I will give it another shot since for now your are the only game in town, please do better and support STO for years to come. Thanks,