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01-30-2010, 10:30 PM
i get EXACTLY the same problem, at first i thought it may have been my overclocks and the summer heats.
although it only happens to me during GROUND combat.
my Rig is
Q9550 clocked @ 4.0ghz
GA-P45-UD3P mobo
8GB Geil 1100mhz ram
2x 4870X2's

it happened during beta so i just avoided all the ground combat... that and ground is so BORING anyway.
i have since figured out that if i angle my camera away from ALL combat then i dont crash, its not the best solution but atleast i can then finish the missions without having to log back in 50 or so times and send numerous infuriating error reports.

Note: i have all the latest drivers and my rig is fairly top end so i should not have any problems.