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# 1 Sensor Scan Cloak Detection
01-30-2010, 10:45 PM
How the heck does this work?

Sometime I'll use it without a target and I'll be able to see a bunch of cloaked Klingons nearby. Other times I'll use it and I can't even see a Klingon cloaked within less than 1KM of me! It's completely inconsistent and I really have no clue about how the mechanics could possibly be working. I assume Auxiliary power may have something to do with the level of perception and the ability of the cloak, but some of the situations I'm getting with it just seem completely out of whack.

It's such an unreliable skill in terms of dealing with cloak that it's really impossible to use as any sort of part of your strategy. With its large cooldown you can't count on it helping you see a cloaked enemy, even if you know where they are because they just cloaked right in front of you in battle!

I'm just wondering what other peoples experiences with this are and if they any advice for using it or to tell me what I'm missing.