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01-30-2010, 10:49 PM
I'm looking for helpful feedback on this build and am curious as to what others are doing with similar setups.

I'm playing a tactical officer, flying an escort. I will be acquiring an Advanced Escort at Rear Admiral rank.

Here are the BOff abilities I will have available. I realize I cannot have all of these "active" at once but I will have various bridge officers hanging around so that I can flexibly use pretty much any combination that the particular situation will require.

Tactical Boff Abilities: Cannon Rapid Fire I-II, Torpedo: High Yield I-III, Attack Pattern Omega I, Attack Pattern Beta II-III, Tactical Team I

Engineering Boff Abilities: Emergency Power to Shields I-II, Emergency Power to Engines I, Reverse Shield Polarity

Science Boff Abilities: Jam Sensors I-II, Polarize Hull I, Scramble Sensors I, Mask Energy Signature I, Hazard Emitters (maybe)

Here is the build link:
Tactical/Escort Build

* Lack of points in ground skills. In the open beta, I did OK up to Captain rank with almost no points in ground abilities, but fights tended to last longer than I wanted. However I prefer the space game so I am hesitant to really put any investment into ground abilities.
* Specializing in only 1 weapon type. I am doing this for leveling purposes and hopefully with a future respec will be able to adjust allocations based on weapon types available to me at that time. The Captain and Admiral weapon points are a little too expensive for me to justify putting points into with the current skill cap.

Thoughts, suggestions, and comments welcome!