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I would like to welcome everyone to my new Star Trek thread: the Star Trek ULTIMATE Review! What I will be undertaking will be a great and long process but one that I am very excited to be undertaking. I will be reviewing Star Trek in the order of the Star Trek time-line. What this means is NOT starting with the Original '60's show or even the famous Next Generation. Instead I will be start with Star Trek: Enterprise, set in the year 2151 - only 141 years in our future!

I attempted this once before on my Pax Player Community forums, but I made two mistakes. One, I began with the Next Generation. Second, my reviews were written quickly and not very detailed. It was done more as a quick write-up after watching the episode with not much thought put into it. I want these to be more thought-out and interesting as I try to share the passion I have for Star Trek with others, and possibly spark or re-spark their interest in the TV shows.

For those of you not well versed in Star Trek, this is the order I will be tackling the reviews:

1) Star Trek: Enterprise (4 Seasons)
2) Star Trek: The Original Series pilot, The Cage
3) Star Trek: The Original Series (3 Seasons)
4) Star Trek: The Animated Series (2 Seasons)
5) Star Trek movies I-VI (1-6 are set after Original Series 5 year missions is over)
6) Star Trek: The Next Generation (7 Seasons)
7) Star Trek movie VII (7 is set after The Next Generation series)
8 ) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (7 Seasons)
9) Star Trek movies VIII-IX (8 and 9 are set during the years of Deep Space 9)
10 ) Star Trek: Voyager (7 Seasons)
11) Star Trek movie X: Nemesis (10 is set after Voyager)
12) Star Trek (the 11th movie, set in an alternate time-line thanks to a supernova)


Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy the reviews and post your own comments/thoughts. And if the reviews tempt you to Netflix or buy Star Trek - hey, I did my job! Excelsior!

Note: The Reviews might come quickly, sometimes slowly - you never know. Especially now that Star Trek Online is out!!! But I will keep working on it, this thread could be years long in the making lol