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01-30-2010, 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by RORWESSELS View Post
IF MMO's where a new thing, and IF they did not already know how big the fan base for Star Trek is. Then I MIGHT believe this. However, MMORPG games are NOT new. Cryptic has done multiple MMORPG games and should know by now how to launch one. Also this is NOT a new game engine, which means the server software and hardware requirements should already be known.

I do not think these arguements will hold much weight for most players and I know they are not going to hold much weight for reviewers of the game.

"No MMO launches without server crashes.." Really, and as customers we are supposed to accept this? Why?

"It's still beta.." Really? I did not think I was playing beta code. I did not get to keep my beta character, and I did have a complete character wipe and restart. Thought this was supposed to be the release game.

"It's not even release yet man.." Umm, yes it is.. The fact that you call it head start does not make it any less so.
No really...this is not new, nor out of the ordinary, welcome to MMO play...