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01-30-2010, 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by phatbhuda View Post
I think what we have here is just a little confusion.

Yes, Escorts are a damage dealing ship class.

However if given the choice between two weapons, one with high damage and the other with high DPS, an Escort captain should pick the one with the higher Damage rating.


DPS is calculated by dividing the damage the weapon does over the time it takes to fire. So the weapon with a high DPS rating and low damage rating means it fires very quickly.

Edit: a higher Damage rating (instead of DPS rating) means for bigger Critical damage when you manage to land a crit at random. Of course the inverse is true here too, since a faster firing weapon (high DPS) has more chances to crit.

The weapon with the higher Damage rating and lower DPS rating means it hits hard but takes longer to fire again.

This important for the Escort because if piloted correctly, it won't have weapon firing arc on the enemy target for very long. It's important to get the most damage done in that short period.

You want to get out a few big hits while you're flying by the target in your Escort. Then you turn around and do it again.

A higher DPS weapon instead of high Damage weapon is good for flying circles around your target slowly applying the damage.

So it's:

PEW fly around PEW fly around PEW


pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

Hope that helps clear things up. The big damage in a short period of time is usually referred to Burst as opposed to DPS. In WoW terms the escort would be closest I guess to a rogue, instead of a Hunter or Mage who would be more DPS.
sorry for the long quote, but I had to emphasize how much win this post is. it is 100% correct. somebody definitely knows how the escorts work best (now that you can't just sit in reverse and spam front shield strength)

in capped OB, I was 1st 95% of the time in my Cruiser, with just MkIV whites. if you're never dieing, and picking targets correctly, you definitely do more damage overall to get that #1 spot. escorts are fairly easy to beat