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07-17-2014, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
bort, these low chance of something actually happening doffs are sorta crap.
You've always been an exceedingly vocal opponent of power creep in STO, yet now you are proposing increasing the utility/power of every Doff by an exponential amount, by changing their "chance on activate" abilities into "always happens" effects. You can't have it both ways, DDIS.

"Chance of X when Y" has always been a core design concept of Duty Officer active roster abilities. Exceptions have been made over the ~1.5 years since the system's introduction, but we haven't thrown out the rule. Doffs are intended to be fun, extra effects to existing abilities. Not game-changing, build-altering abilities. The existence of A2B Technicians (and their ilk), and the resulting builds they have spawned, are an anomaly that was never intended to happen in this system, and which we don't intend to repeat.
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